Belize Coders Academy

@ 22 Newtown Barracks, Belize City. Now accepting registration for children ages 10 - 16. Classes start September 3rd, 2018. LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE!

Your Child Can Be A Coding Rockstar!

At Belize Coders Academy, we offer courses in graphic design, animation development, app building and 3D game developement.

Graphic Design

Our graphic Design course is designed to help children to learn the latest trends in graphic design. They will also learn to design image assets for all major social network and the types of colors and fonts to use for different types of businesses and industries.

Animation Development

Our course is designed to teach children the latest trends in animation development. We will be using Stick Nodes Pro and Pivot Animator to learn how to create animation.

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App Building

In this course, participants will learn how to create mobile apps using the Apps Builder platform. Their respective applications will be published to the Google Play store.

3D Game Development

Roblox is the biggest craze in RPG. Our course is designed to teach children how to make their own RPG for Roblox using Roblox studio.

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Tiffany Simpson

Welcome to Belize Coders Academy, my name is Tiffany Simpson and I will be guiding your young tech enthusiast on their journey to becoming a coding star.